GCYR Endorsed Candidates Sweep County

GCYR endorsed law enforcement sweep county behind leadership of Sheriff nominee Jimmy Fullen

Collin Pruett

3/6/20241 min read

Galveston County is on the brink of change with the upcoming transition to Jimmy Fullen's leadership. With his experience as a former Constable, Fullen brings a promise of improved collaboration and updated strategies to tackle crime effectively.

As Sheriff, Fullen aims to enhance cooperation among law enforcement agencies and leverage technology to make the county safer. His focus on efficiency and effectiveness means residents can anticipate proactive measures to combat crime and ensure public safety.

With Fullen at the helm, Galveston County looks towards a future marked by renewed dedication to community welfare and a commitment to upholding integrity in law enforcement.

Jimmy Fullen's triumphant journey to Sheriff nominee in Galveston County wasn't achieved in isolation; it was the result of a unified campaign effort, with the steadfast support of Constable-Elect Blake Patton and Constable Paul Edinburgh. Together, they exemplified the power of teamwork, a bond that now promises to transition into making Galveston safer and better-policed.

Fullen's campaign was bolstered by the collaborative efforts of Patton and Edinburgh, whose endorsement and active participation played a pivotal role in rallying support across the county. Their joint approach not only reinforced the importance of unity within law enforcement but also resonated with voters, showcasing a shared commitment to community safety.

Gulf Coast Young Republicans were proud to support each of these fantastic candidates in the latest GOP Primary and will continue to aid their efforts as they prepare to take on the Democratic Party's crime-enabling agenda in the general election.